“We were unhappy with the quality and timing of our offshore vendors and we felt that we were paying to much for our local services. IDEA Group Design was the first local design house to meet needs. We consider IDEA Group to be an important extension of our Company and a key to our success”
Steve Brown – CEO – Automotive Industry

“The IDEA Group Team has allowed our business to diversify and grow effectively by supporting our sales, development and productions teams in innovative, cohesive, and cost effective ways. We rely on them to provide key resources in order to remain competitive and up-to-date with Industry standards”
Andrea Cope – Director of Engineering – Automotive Industry

“As a small corporation in a highly competitive market, we asked IDEA Group to provide the necessary support, experience, and resources we required to meet the demands of our customers.  They brought value added insight into providing solutions which resulted in an overall improvement in my company’s production capacity while minimizing our capital investment.”
Drew Schulter – Director of Operations – Medical Industry

"The IDEA GROUP Team presented a solid plan to support our engineering and design efforts. We consider them to be part of our “Extended Enterprise” team and have been very satisfied with their approach to not only blend into our group but professionally provide their ideas and concepts. Their on-time complete work has been appreciated"
Bob Gray - CEO - Lighting Industry

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