Technology Showcase

The Jay Leno Eco Jet Super Car:
Our Team of four Designers were hired for a period of six months to help develop a raw concept that eventually became the one-off Eco Jet Super Car exclusive to the Jay Leno car collection. We helped develop the entire chassis, interior and green house structures. We also helped implement the unprecedented use of an air-propulsion rear drive as a replacement for a standard engine.

The Smartest LED Outdoor Lighting System:
Our turn key product development helped one of the World’s largest LED lighting manufacturers to produce the most advance outdoor lighting system in the industry. The system produces a 45% savings in energy output and 100% longer shelf life. Our Team provided complete project management from concept sketches to volume production.

The Tomra Bottle Recycling Machine:
Our top Designers helped create the internal for the Tomra bottle recycling machine. The performance, accuracy and durability of the Tomra has become an industry benchmark. Our top designers worked closely with the OEM and Supplier for a period of one year to insure consistent first pass accuracy. Look for the Tomra Bottle recycler at a supermarket near you.