Smart Engineering

The future is here:

New demands from the customer:
Due to new demands from the customer, your product's life cycle is continually getting shorter and the shift in responsibility of analytical engineering services from the customer to the supplier keeps growing. Dealing with these rapid changes is the key to keeping your product's competitive edge in the marketplace.

Revolutionary part design process:
IDEA Group has taken a leadership role on utilizing the industry's best practises and exploiting the software to achieve the best results from our customers. We have developed a very successful part modeling process that incorporates math based parametric designs. We utilize sketches, spreadsheets and modeling planes to develop what are considered today the smartest models in the industry. This sweeping change is the key to being competitive in the current rapidly changing environment and in the future. IDEA Group is poised to show you the way.

The virtual tour:
The following examples briefly showcase how quickly major changes can take place in a fully parametric smart model. We would like to showcase these capabilities to you in greater depth.

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