Green Technology Success Cases

Advanced LED Lighting Technology:
IDEA Group was hired as a turn key partner to develop a highly competitive outdoor LED lighting product that incorporated the customer’s proprietary internal technology. We provided the customer with complete project development from sketch to volume production and complete project management including product release duties and supply chain management. Our Designers filled the role of Project Managers offering engineering, design and manufacturing support. Compared to existing technology, this light assembly provides 50% more energy savings and 100% additional shelf life.

Aluminum Mass Transit Bus:
Our Team of three Designers worked for six months to develop a pre-production Beta for a lightweight aluminum mass transit bus that would offer 50% more fuel efficient performance due to its light weight. We designed a manufacturing ready and parametric virtual model that the customer was easily able to use for prototyping. The entire vehicle comprised of over 12,000 components. In order to successfully complete the project, we relied heavily on our parametric 3D design capabilities, state-of-the-art in-house hardware and project management skills. The project involved weekly live-based virtual meetings and travel and we provided the customer with detailed billing and
design logs.

Soy Hauler Re-design:
An agricultural manufacturer was looking for ways to reduce the weight of a Soy Bean Hauler in order to save on fuel. Our team of two Senior Designers helped create a highly competitive virtual aluminum concept compared to the existing steel design and provided the support necessary in order to meet all project targets including meeting the customers packaging, integration and weight requirements. This is one example of our ideas helping companies expand light weight initiatives that result in environmentally friendly products.