Class A Success Cases

Studio Engineering:
We were hired by an Automotive Soft Trim Supplier to design a Package Tray System for a Large N.A. OEM. We were asked to work inside of the OEM Design Studio. Duties included interfacing with interior trim parts and background structure, working with studio engineering and in house stylists to develop a feasible Class A Surface. The work was performed in Catia V5 using the GSD workbench.

Chrysler LX Cup Holder Project:
A Tier-1 Automotive Interior Supplier asked to help design and package a Cup Holder Assembly. Our primary Designer needed support from our Class A Team to complete the Class A surfaces on the exterior of the Cup Holder Assembly. These changes were on-going to accommodate the changing package environment and needed to be completed under aggressive lead times to accommodate the OEM timelines. Our Design Team and Class A Team worked hand in hand to create the necessary changes and meet all the timelines.

Class A Remastering:
An important front fender component had to be remastered and resurfaced in Catia V5. The non-native model was not down-stream compatible to the OEM. Specific customer requirements had to be met, including a near perfect match tolerance on all surfaces. Working in Catia V5 GSD, our Designer Team was able to meet all tolerance requirements and provided the customer with a parametric surface.