2D Detailing Success Cases

Porsche GD&T support Case Study:
We were hired by a large Tier-1 Firm to support the implementation of GD&T on over 500 drawings of a vehicle structure release for Porsche. We offered a dedicated team of two subject matter experts that worked with program manager to provide timely and accurate results as we had a strict time-line schedule to maintain. In order to successfully complete the effort, we had to reply heavily on our extensive GD&T expertise. Our internal quality check process allowed us to provide accurate and consistent drawings the first time around.

Tomra Production Details:
After providing 3D product development for a Tomra bottle recycling machine, we were asked to provide all production drawings for the assembly. The program required the support of 2 people for a period of 30 days and than sporadic support throughout the following year. In order to successfully complete the effort, we relied heavily on our extensive detailing knowledge to provide accurate manufacturing details that met customer and industry standards. The same designers that completed the initial project detailing performed all other on-going support and any changes required while providing the consistency required to address the customer’s concerns regarding dormancy downtime.

GM Toolkit support:
For five years, we have been successfully providing all GM release drawings for a major Tier-1 supplier to General Motors. The customer handles all production and engineering requirements internally and collaborates with us to provide the necessary GM product release requirements. This includes all 11x17 format requirements, GM Toolkit expertise to assure file are accepted by GM and Data Transfer via Autoweb or Teamcenter into GM. In order to successfully complete the efforts, we relied heavily on our GM Toolkit, Autoweb and Teamcenter expertise.